Nanobeam has completed a proof-of-prototype demonstration, subsequent to a design study and to initial construction of its focused-ion-beam equipment. The current version is similar to US patent 5,369,279 titled "Chromatically Compensated Ion Beam Column". Although this patent is expiring, Nanobeam has filed for certain improvements, published according to Patent Office procedure as application US 2013/0264477 A1 , and retains an accumulation of valuable know-how in-house.

The column was described in an abstract and a corresponding poster at the EIPBN12 conference in Hawaii in 2012, which were never further published. It was also described in an abstract giving coefficients and estimating stability requirements for He, Ne, and Ga, and a corresponding poster at the M&M2013 conference in Indianapolis in 2013. In addition an article estimating that 0.3 angstrom resolution can be obtained with Ne ions was later published in the journal Microscopy and Microanalysis.

At the 2013 conference a theory deriving the five 3rd-order coefficients of a quadrupole doublet, based on Newton's laws and the impulse approximation, was outlined in an abstract and a poster . This theory, used in an experimental paper long ago, is presented in a final formal paper . Other background can be found in some of Dr. Martin's publications.

The patent application and know-how such as working drawings and computer programs are available for purchase. We seek inquiries from larger corporations interested in the integrated circuit capital equipment business, such as vacuum equipment manufacturers, optical lithography manufacturers, and ion implantation companies.

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